Rental homes & Relocation Services

Unique Personal Attention for All Your Relocaton Needs.

FRANK VAN DER BENT HOUSING SERVICES. specializes in the 'relocation' of the staff of international companies, which are currently moving into the area around Schiphol. The main task is finding suitable housing in the wider Schiphol region (in the Haarlem, Amsterdam and Hague triangle), but if required Frank van der Bent Housing Services. will also assist with other essential services. Examples of the latter are building alterations, interior decorating, school selection, all kinds of connection to public utilities and dealing with calamities and other matters which may arise. 

FRANK VAN DER BENT HOUSING SERVICES. offers a wide range of houses, villas and (luxury) apartments in the categories good to very good. They are available in a number of price classes. Frank van der Bent Housing Services. also rents out business premises in locations in the same region.

The Property Presentation gives you an immediate taste of the various locations by means of colour photographs of the properties' interiors and the external aspects. This simplifies the initial selection and saves a great deal of time when it comes to making the final choice on location.

FRANK VAN DER BENT HOUSING SERVICES. deals mainly with management employees, and provides a service specifically designed to suit this category. Finding the right private house and environment is not their only speciality. Giving the manager and his family appropriate guidance and support when they are settling in is also a vital part of the service.

Lack of time and scant knowledge of the Dutch language, not to mention the administrative organization of the Dutch local authorities and public utility companies, can be quite a worry for the (temporary) immigrant.

In principle Frank van der Bent Housing Services. will organize everything that these families need. Not just when they move in, but throughout their stay in the Netherlands, FRANK VAN DER BENT HOUSING SERVICES, will always be there to help them.